Are You A Man Or A Boy? Back

By Anastasia Sia • January 24, 2017

I was left by someone I loved…I thought he was the one but in the end he took a raincheck on me just like that. Ours was not a perfect relationship, we were completely opposites but that made the relationship fun. But later on when a problem struck our relationship, he leaves me like he had no mistake. Thoughts kept brewing on my mind why it didn’t work. Questions kept asking me why, in fact he was the one who was at fault. But he never rose up and and admitted that he was wrong.  He never tried to make it work. He just stayed away. He just left me on a distance. Nights have been ruly for me because I never told my parents what happened. I didn’t want him to look bad with my family, that was so much love and respect that I had for him. This is not the first time a guy has left me. But the pattern of them have the same zodiac sign baffled me to think that maybe astrology can be true. I was born to face problems and not evade them. Many sissies can’t take the responsibility of a problem because they think it is the end of the world.  So what brings me to write right now? I want to help fellow Filchis to see the difference between a boy and a man. There are so many men wrapped in a boy’s body and so many boys who are man enough to work out a problem. For the longest time, I have met so many Filchi guys that I ask myself what is the lesson that I need to face. Is it about loving too much? Is it expecting too much? Or is it giving too much?


A man knows what he wants and stands by it. A boy likes you at first then later on changes his mind.

A man is clear with his intentions and is not swayed by problems. A boy takes a raincheck as soon as he sees there is a problem.

A man commits to an expectation and whatever the pain he encounters just by committing to it, he still endures it.  A boy is a coward with commitment, he can’t follow simple instructions and expectations.

A man knows real love from a real woman. A boy takes for granted the love that is given by a real woman.

A man works out the problem especially if he knows he is the one who made a mistake. A boy just let the problem be and so it goes.

A man is not stingy with his woman. A boy can’t live up to the expectation of his girl.

A man may not be rich but has integrity with his word just like in business. A boy is lazy enough to do what he needs to do.

A man maybe angry at his lover but later on make amends. A boy is like a brat who just goes away.

When a man loves, it is not just the happy days, but also the sad days, the angry days and the red days. When a boy loves it is just about the happy days nothing else.

A man in not afraid of a challenge in fact it is a positive thing for him to evolve into a better individual. A boy is afraid of change, he just wants to stay the same.

A man aspires for change in his life because he wants to improve his life. A boy just sits around and wait.

A man loves a woman who can give him what he needs. A boy loves a girl who can only give him what he wants.

A man is not blind with his partner’s needs. A boy takes for granted his partner’s needs.

A man accompanies his lover’s family during events. A boy is to afraid to join.

A man has a deep sense of loyalty with his girl.  A boy just enjoys the girl for the time being.

A man is going to accept his lover for who she is. A boy will run away learning who she is.

A man knows a perfect woman for him. A boy will settle for just anyone.

A man knows what his lover’s preference. A boy doesn’t care.

A man works his way with his relationship. A boy leaves when he becomes confused.



So, friends, which are you with this comparison? I hope many Filchi guys join the seminar because that’s what Chinoys should learn. The right communication is essential in a loving relationship. It makes the relationship work even if it is falling apart.