WHY ARE YOU SINGLE AND MISERABLE especially within the Filipino Chinese Culture Back

By Anastasia Sia • June 04, 2018


1.       YOU ARE SINGLE BECAUSE YOU CHOOSE TO BE SINGLE.  You are so close minded in meeting other people that you are the one making your own circle and network.

2.       YOU ARE NOT SMART ENOUGH FOR INTELLIGENT CONVERSATIONS. There is nothing interesting about you because your life revolves around your family, friends and yourself. You don’t invest on different passions, hobbies and sports.

3.       YOU ARE SELFISH. Since you are close minded, you don’t want to waste your time with people who are not your equal. You don’t want to mingle because they are not within your page.

4.       YOUR EQ (emotional quotient) IS LOW. Since you didn’t invest in making yourself interesting, when there are conversations about interesting topics you fail to answer back.

5.       YOU ARE EGOTISTICALLY SUPER SMART. Since your I Q is very high, you can’t seem to understand real life situations because you only see yourself as superior.

6.       YOU ARE SO PICKY. You like the best but you are not even aware if you are the best.

7.       YOUR PARENTS ARE PICKIER THAN YOU. You entrust your choice of mate to your parents. You think they are the saviors to a wonderful and lasting marriage.

8.       YOU ARE CHILDISH. Your age is a 50 year old man but your preference of a mate is a 20 year old female to give you the marriage of your dreams. You are a 40 year old woman but is so resistant to change so instead of having fun, enjoying your life, meeting new friends, you choose to work in the family business and also you don’t want to date men who look old because you think you look young.

9.       YOU DON’T WANT TO GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.  You are a cheap skate. You think you would better invest on cheap social gatherings rather than quality socials like group tour for singles because you feel that it is not worth your money.

10.   YOU ARE STUCK IN YOUR IDEALISTIC WORLD OF BEING SINGLE.  You like to daydream, so addicted to romantic dramas and feel that your story will also enfold to be like that.

11.   YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN A MATE.  When you are asked what is your preference with regards to a mate, you can’t answer.

12.   YOU ARE UNHAPPY BEING SINGLE. You think that another mate is the only one who will make you happy. The reality of real relationships is that each person has his/her own individuality besides being a couple.

13.   YOU ARE STUCKED IN YOUR CURRENT SITUATION.  You feel stuck. You are confused. You are undergoing quarter life crisis.

14.   YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO GIVE AND FORGIVE.  You feel that you are superior and doesn’t need to give, to those who hurt you, you don’t forgive because it suits them right.

15.   YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE. Your friends and family shows who you are as a person. If you come from a closeminded family and you choose to be one, then you will be attracting the same person too so the relationship doesn’t work. Your friends don’t want to mingle with other people, so you just stay in your own network and not meet new people that you can connect with.                    

16.   YOU DON’T INVEST ON YOURSELF PHYSICALLY. You know you are not physically gifted. But you remain to be obese, to not look good, dress well because your mantra is “your mate should accept you as who you are…” The question is , do you accept yourself or you continue to become insecure of your own physical attribute and not knowing about it.

17.   YOU POST A PICTURE IN SOCIAL MEDIA AN UNFLATTERING PICTURE. How do you expect that you are going to be liked, when you post a picture that looks like someone just woke up.

This post is done as an awareness for singles so as to find their essence. If you get affected with the post, I apologize, but being a social blogger for the longest time in the Filipino Chinese culture, I think I have seen it all.